The Hashtagger

The Hashtagger is one Artem Alabastro who religiously uses this symbol on a daily basis.
Artem Alabastro as the Hashtagger
The Hashtagger
He classifies its purpose in two: it being a marking symbol categorizing topics and keywords and it being an introductory symbol to include indirect and/or subliminal contexts to messages.
The Hash Tag
The Hash Tag
Although The Hashtagger uses the hash tag as a metaphor in spoken language*, which only utilizes the latter purpose said above and which requires him to say the actual word, he more often uses it online–as in his social networking sites.
He is in his fourth year in the University of the Philippines Manila studying Organizational Communication. He thinks using hash tags makes him more organized. He also thinks that croissant is best eaten plain #random.
See his hash tags in action in here #Twitter or in here #Facebook

*As in “Mom, look at this jacket, it’scomfortable! Hash tag birthday gift idea.” or “Hey, is this meeting going to be over soon? Hash tag get this over with I have no sleep yet.”

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