Another buzz after a Brazilian wax

Four years after the Clean City Law in Sao Paulo, another effect for advertisers and marketers in the city is redefining the importance of #buzz.

The Twitter Zoom Campaign

An ad campaign for Volkswagen Fox  by #BBDO Brazil amazed everyone for its ingenuity and creativity. Tapping the music event Planeta Terra Festival,#Volkswagen devised an advertising plan by hiding 10 tickets throughout Sao Paolo and the only way the public can see them is through Google Maps. The catch is, people must tweet #foxatplanetaterra so that the map can zoom. The more tweets, the clearer the map will become.
Using only Twitter, Google Maps, and a little lure for the public, the campaign garnered so much buzz that stretched until the end of its period.

The Power of Participation

The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited by Emanuel Rosen pointed that utilizing participation stimulates #wordofmouth because those who are involved are given a “great sense of ownership and pride”. Because the Twitter Zoom campaign fostered participation to find the hidden tickets, those who were involved were given a sense of ownership for the outcome of the campaign—the “I-did-that effect”. It provided them the chance to feel that their participation leads to finding the tickets around one of the biggest cities in the world.
The campaign required travelling and having fun, something that #VolkswagenFox wanted to be associated with. Another good thing about this campaign is how Volkswagen did not ask the public to buy the Volkswagen Fox but instead gave a feel of their brand by travelling and by having fun. What they did was to give an experience of their brand which translated to having more things to do and to talk about.

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