Klout: your online medium has a message about you

It’s paradoxical how a platform that you use to create messages can actually have a say about you.

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An open letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,
You do not know me but I feel that you do. I am part of the generation that you have understood; you came to know what I want and what I need, even before knowing their existence. I feel that you have studied and analyzed me so well for you certainly have understood and have taken care of my hidden desires.
You have seen me grown. You narrated to me the friendship between a cowboy and a space ranger back when I needed to dream. Heck, you were even there to inspire me on my best birthday as a boy. I wanted to be a cowboy like Woody on my 7th birthday and  got I it. You have taught me to value my toys and you have taught me that I could not outgrow Disney even though I know it’s evil.
You were there on my first heartbreak. You were in my room to comfort me that one Friday afternoon in my Junior High School year. My iTunes were so loud playing Just So You Know on repeat, I couldn’t even hear my own voice. You lulled me to sleep and I felt calm.
You were even there to jog with me when I felt awkward about my body. With my iPod Shuffle, you let me know (or you let me think) I got game. You were there with me and my mom as I teach her to upload photos on Facebook using her MacBook Air. You were there last New Year’s eve when my cousins and I played Justin Bieber songs to annoy our parents. You were there for every car rides, commutes, lunch breaks, awkward silences, and every random situations that you can think of.
You simply were just always there.
You don’t know me but you have influenced my life so much. I am part of the generation that you studied, experimented with, and understood. You have babied us so much that I could not think of how I could have lived my life any other way. Although I know we’ll manage to move on and find people with minds as brilliant as yours, you will always be unique and you will always be remembered.
Rest in peace. Or keep inventing stuff if they let you in there.
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Another Barney Stinson life lesson

#BarneyStinson may be the most relevant social media-savvy character today. After popularizing #videoresume in Season 4, Barney Stinson did not stop generating ideas to strategically use social media for functionality in everyday life.
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Thank God I’m Not Marshall Ericksen

Coolness in High Definition

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I got my paper that I wrote about The Indolence of the Filipinos back earlier this week. It is from my #Rizal class that I’m taking this sem. Part of the paper is to relate Rizal’s sociological viewpoints in the current setting.

The Spanish title makes it smart. #LOLJK

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Contagion and everything social

The last movie I watched before all these academic crazies is #Contagion (2011). Directed by Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies, and Videotape and Ocean’s Eleven), it depicted an almost realistic phenomenon that could happen when an epidemic breaks. Continue reading
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Another buzz after a Brazilian wax

Four years after the Clean City Law in Sao Paulo, another effect for advertisers and marketers in the city is redefining the importance of #buzz.

The Twitter Zoom Campaign

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