Klout: your online medium has a message about you

It’s paradoxical how a platform that you use to create messages can actually have a say about you.

Introducing #Klout. It is a website that analyzes what kind of online visibility you have using your social networking sites (SNS). It started to analyze Twitter and Facebook only, but just recently it is also looking at Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Last.fm, and Flickr.
 With all mentioned SNS’s as means of information, Klout gets to analyze users for these things.
1. Score Analysis will tell you if you are using your social media properly in influencing your contacts. In here, you can also read your network reach (True Reach), the extension of your message (Amplification), and your overall influence to your network (Network Impact).

My current Klout score says I should stop Twitter-dieting

2. Topics notes what subjects you are influential about

Klout believes I'm influential about clowns. So profound.

 3. Influencers lists who you influence the most–and who influence you.

"You influence 223 people" sounds so powerful

4. Klout Style assumes what kind of social networker you are. It also describes what kind of online presence you have.
Socializer - You are the hub of social scenes and people count on you to find out what's happening. You are quick to connect people and readily share your social savvy. Your followers appreciate your network and generosity.All in all, what Klout tries to do is to measure one’s influence online. The results may not be as accurate but still there’s some truth in it. Klout to me is such a revelation because not only it measures how often you Tweet (in Twitter’s case) but it also measures how much impact your Tweets are. Well, at least it tries to. What it also does is it profiles its users based on the ready information that person has online.
As a suggestion, I wish it has an option to see what kinds of persona a user has based on his/her individual SNS’s as opposed to integrating every sites to formulating a united identity. That would probably sketch the consistency/inconsistency of people based on what social media they use. #
P.S. See how some #UPManila instructors tweet based on their Klout scores.
1. Barry Barrientos

Instructor in: Public Relations, Comm Trends and Styles
Klout Score: 49 | Influential about: Philippines, Video, Branding
2. “Chong” Ardivilla

Instructor in: Audio-Visual Communication
Klout Score: 49 | Influential about: Oil, Magic, Prison
3. Mikee Inton 
Instructor in: Interpersonal Communication
Klout Score: 10 | Influential about: Photography, Parenting, Movies

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6 Responses to Klout: your online medium has a message about you

  1. Arlet says:

    HAHAHA I’d like to try this some other time, after all this is over. For the mean time, oil? really? GYAHAHAA I can see where Madame and Barry is coming from… but with Sir Chong’s oil? hmm 😀 I think I need to do a little online stalking for a while 🙂

  2. commrehab says:

    Will definitely try Klout, too! Probably after 11:59:59
    Forget about Sir Chong’s Oil, Madam’s Parenting takes the cake!

  3. Gab says:

    I’d like to believe Klout is accurate, but only mostly because it says I’m influential about #money. Haha! And yea, it’s also a good suggestion to create different Klout styles per platform, but that’ll definitely take more programming and analysis. Right now Klout is relying heavily on numbers, so an improvement would be to increase the depth of analysis in terms of explaining each Klout style/persona. But hey, isn’t that what Facebook personality tests are for? (e.g. What kind of zombie are you? Haha kidding.)

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