I got my paper that I wrote about The Indolence of the Filipinos back earlier this week. It is from my #Rizal class that I’m taking this sem. Part of the paper is to relate Rizal’s sociological viewpoints in the current setting.

The Spanish title makes it smart. #LOLJK

Reading it again made me remember that I talked about the internet as a present tool to be indolent. Here’s a part of the paper:
“It would be the most idealistic thing to not concede to the existing indolence in the Philippines today, especially when in fact it exist. From the macro level to the macro level, we can see that our society is less than perfect. As Rizal firmly believed that the hope of the country relies on the youth, it must therefore be a fruitful task to discuss the prevailing indolence that the current generation possess—in order to correct it.
One grave error of the youth is their incessant but destructive use of modern technology. Countless hours have been wasted for computer games and fruitless communication using various social networking sites. More so that some students even go to computer shops for these modern vices instead of attending their classes to have their tuition fee’s worth. Spending most of one’s time for unproductive internet recreation is a modern indolence as the youth have few or no bearing to this technological leisure. They are not like sports that promote health and wellness; they are not like formal interactions that hone interpersonal skills. They are therefore bound to be useless and waste of time and money having little or no teachings for them in return.
Another prevalent and even more destructive use of these technologies is its possibility to be used for lascivious recreation. Democratization of the internet has also made it easy to go to chat rooms to have lewd discussions with other people. And with the rise of web camera use, it further makes it possible to use internet for sex.  More than that, those who use this act gets younger and younger—as there are no means to facilitate security online. In this case it is not only time and money that are wasted but there is also a waste of irreplaceable innocence of the youth.
It is condonable that modern technology when used properly will yield productive and even rewarding consequences, but before that there must be proper education for the youth to use these technologies for constructive purposes. Aside from that, legislators may help them further if there will be laws protecting them against cybersex and other internet leisure that are sexual in nature. At the end of the day, societal maladies should be treated proactively and not reactively. It is better to know the root cause of the problem and treat it instead of having measures battling the already mistakes. As the cliché goes, “prevention is better than cure”. As much as the phrase is overused, it is true nonetheless.”
Seems like my professor agreed to me on this. Thoughts? #

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2 Responses to #Indolence

  1. m_guioguio says:

    Was it because of the subject (as a response to La Indolencia) or were you really echoing your thoughts when you described the apparent evils of technology? from your excerpt, it would seem like you’re branding technology as something similar to an excess, not unlike alcohol, or possibly even a disease to be prevented, as you say. Let us not forget that, in spite of the evils you speak of, we cannot deny that technology, especially internet communications, is a very important foundation of modern society. more than a cause for indolence, technology empowers the youth, giving them opportunities to express themselves, to educate themselves, to interact, react and contribute to the world at large. perhaps there are some who fail to utilize this benefit and, as you say, waste their time, but labeling technology as inherently evil would be ignoring its capability to actually eradicate the indolence of filipinos through the opportunities it presents for social contribution.

    • With deeper analysis, one can see that I was not branding technology as an “excess” or “inherently evil”. Right now the use of technology has so becomes a right that everyone should have; all the benefits of technology that you mentioned are already conceded and understood. But just like other basic rights, I think we should push for better technology education, especially when these technologies are so accessible and therefore easily abused. Also, it would not bear harm if there are more laws protecting netizens online.

      I hope my position in this discussion is clear. 🙂 #

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