A retrospection of the current

Just like most things, this blog has a purpose. And just like most purposes, it will be used here as an introductory piece: the purpose of this blog is to discuss the good, the bad, and the mleh of social media. After ten posts, I hope I can give a substantial picture of what’s current and what’s the trend in the most current and trending form of media.
As much as I want to own this blogging idea, I have to admit that this is a requirement for an undergraduate course I am taking. Now midway through the semester, I have (finally) decided to create my first post.
Let me start by saying that my delay is a tactic to create this first post. As the title suggests, this is a retrospection and therefore I cannot create this if I have made this earlier. Please say yes you believe me before I fill in the gap #semibegging.

1. The Voice Season 1 finale (June)

The Hashtagger - The Voice

The Voice: A Social Media Hit

The Voice is the first reality show that maximized the use of social media for viewers in multiple time zones. Equipped with a social media room and a social media correspondent, the show challenged itself to engage its massive viewers on real-time. The result? 3,000 or more tweets per minute during airtime. It’s easy to say that the show’s finale ended up with a bang–far louder than Christina’s vibrato.

2. Amy Winehouse’s death (July)

Amy Winehouse The Hashtagger

Amy Winehouse became a breaking news

Just a few hours after she was found in her apartment, the news about Amy Winehouse’s death burst on Twitter and Facebook. Two  real-time responses were made: (1) Immediate sympathy for her fans across the globe, and (2) Instant promotional opportunity for corpo giants. Microsoft and Apple showed how classy they really are.

3. Fake Apple store found (July)

Fake Apple Store The Hashtagger


Speaking of Apple, thanks to a blogger named BirdAborad,  a what seemed to be legitimate Apple store was revealed as fake in Kunming, China. Described as a “beautiful rip-off”, the store operated like a genuine Apple store complete of its looks and ambiance. Well, almost. Because in real Apple stores, I bet employees are not allowed to flip one on you #toldyoutheyreclassy.

4 & 5. The Philippine weather phenomenon (July)

Twitter has yet again proven its relevance as it brings convenience to news dissemination when the Philippines was subjected to a series of storm during the latter days of July. Most people in my college circle stay “tuned” to Twitter for updates–most especially news about class suspension.
CHED Scandal The Hashtagger


One twitter account in the name @OfficialCHEDph announced class suspension on college levels for July 27. The news spread like wildfire on Twitter just minutes after its posting.
CHED The Hastagger

LOL for the third tweet

This fallacious move by an illegitimate information source was quickly addressed by an official government rep with their ready statement–on Twitter as well. Their response to this is highly commendable as it prevented this ruse to blow into proportion.
What blew into drastic proportion on the internet is what happened to Christopher Lao and the media’s report on him. So much so that his vehicular misfortune gained him the 8th spot at the most discussed list on Twitter worldwide. The latest victim of cyber-harrasment, he was subjected to online humiliation as netizens negatively commented on his reaction to the situation.

What does this all mean?

With this flashback, three things may be deducted:
1. Social media is a transformative tool for conversations and information dissemination. The internet is a communicative tool that enables its users to have conversation and share necessary information on real-time. When used well, social media may be used to engage your target audience and when it is not, negative reactions are as instant.
2. Don’t underestimate the power of writing online. Bloggers and online writers now can directly communicate to the most prominent people in organizations requiring their messages not to pass through communication bureaucracy. Insights and experiences of the public become a substantial source of information for companies and these information have never been relayed as easily.
3. People have yet to master the art of social media discourse. Much communication power has already been given to the public but it is a necessity to be mindful about its responsibilities. When seen, reaction to online posts are irreversible even when posts are deleted. We must then be as careful to post as when we talk in real life.
Thoughts? #

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2 Responses to A retrospection of the current

  1. insightsandactions says:

    What we do, post, or tweet online entails responsibilities.

    GMA Network was criticized for broadcasting the of Mr. Lao and they were honest enough to admit their mistake, apologizing to him. However I find nothing wrong there except for Lao’s arrogance. If not for his stupid answer, the news coverage would have gave us all a good laugh about how a father wanted to fetch his daughter and wife amidst the stormy weather, but ended up afloat inside his car.

    For me, social media has opened a lot of opportunities and threats to every individual. And it will continue to do so as long as technological developments continues.

    Bottomline? We should all be responsible online. What we won’t do in public, we shouldn’t do online. Or some of it. 😉

  2. As much as I agree with your two ending statements, I found that Lao’s reaction to the situation is far from stupidity. It is a human response of a guy who just wrecked his car–and no emotion, as long as it’s authentic, is stupid. But of course, I also understand the public’s aversion to his statement because of his tone, and Filipinos don’t want that tone. But that’s another issue. 🙂

    Yay for first comment!

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