Another Barney Stinson life lesson

#BarneyStinson may be the most relevant social media-savvy character today. After popularizing #videoresume in Season 4, Barney Stinson did not stop generating ideas to strategically use social media for functionality in everyday life.
Whether it is art imitating life or life imitating art, Barney actually has a social impact external to the show.  #HowIMetYourMother fanatics have imitated his video-resume idea to promote themselves—not necessarily in a positive way.
However, video resume done well can actually produce positive results. It all boils down to answering these three questions:
1. Will a video resume be relevant to your work?
Appropriateness is the first thing to ask. If you’re applying to an advertising or a PR company, then go ahead and kill it. But if the company you’re applying for is tilted more into traditional messaging, you may have to think twice before making one. You don’t want to stand out for all the wrong reasons.
2. Can you produce a well-crafted video presentation?
It is one thing to have creative ideas but it is another to translate those ideas into a presentation. A video resume goes beyond well thought of messages. It also requires well presented messages. Although there are no rules to creativity, being creative also requires being technical.
3. How can you make sure that your message is heard by the right people?
This is again in line with the first question. if your target is to impress a more traditional company, a video resume may not be the right medium to translate your message basically because they do not have the time nor the capacity to watch a two-minute video of you. It is unlike resume where the HR manager can scan your CV in seconds and still finds the needed information about you. But if you’re positive that video is the right medium, then you must also do something to make the company watch what you’ve done. Post it in your personal blog? Send a link via email or Facebook? Tweet about it? Type the link on your resume?
That’s another thing. Having a video resume will still need you to make a traditional resume. A video resume will only compliment your resume on paper and not replace it. They just both have different audience that’s why it’s best to know who you want to talk to first and then choose what medium you should use. It’s true what they say: #themediumisthemessage.
If this is not for you, then, you can always watch out for what will Barney do next.
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4 Responses to Another Barney Stinson life lesson

  1. Gab says:

    Are there existing companies which accept video resumes? And if there really are these types of advertising/PR firms, what do you think are those? This is new, and intriguing. It’s the first time I’ve heard about it. I mean, I do know #BarneyStinson but I didn’t realize it could be applied in real life.

    • Hey, Gab! Yes there are. I heard from a friend that Bates 141 even asked them to make one. And just recently, #vidres was posted for online application. In here, companies can post their job vacancies and applicants can respond with their video resumes. 🙂

  2. Arlet says:

    I love Barney! HAHAH especially his tricks and antics.

    I got an idea, let’s collaboratively make our AWESOME video resume after this semester or after graduation “well, if I graduate on time, that is 😀 ooopsie, GYAHAHAHA”

    • Great idea on a collaborative video resume! But I think that would only work on some cases. One of the measures of an effective video resume is it has to be short in length. If we’re gonna make one for a group, we might end up not highlighting our individual strengths. But if we’re gonna apply in a company as a group, why not!

      And psh. We’ll graduate on time. I can even smell it already. Hihi #

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