The buzz after a Brazilian wax

São Paulo, Brazil
Don’t worry, this is not gonna be about #MsUniverse.
Backtrack to 2007, São Paulo surprised the world when it stripped outdoor advertisements in the entire city. The first non-communist city to ban this, the biggest South American metropolis brought down every billboard, vehicular ad, and every poster that is seen outdoors enticing the public to buy corporate products.

No advertisements in the city

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Why hyperspecialization is the enemy of the masses

As response to the rising competitiveness of industrialization, companies adhere to this process of further subdividing work that is both advantageous to organizations and transformative to their protocol. Coined as hyperspecialization, it is a manner of segmenting work into smaller tasks that are performed by numerous and highly specialized workers.
Hyperspecialization The Hashtagger

He's the guy responsible for Task 23

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A retrospection of the current

Just like most things, this blog has a purpose. And just like most purposes, it will be used here as an introductory piece: the purpose of this blog is to discuss the good, the bad, and the mleh of social media. After ten posts, I hope I can give a substantial picture of what’s current and what’s the trend in the most current and trending form of media.
As much as I want to own this blogging idea, I have to admit that this is a requirement for an undergraduate course I am taking. Now midway through the semester, I have (finally) decided to create my first post.
Let me start by saying that my delay is a tactic to create this first post. As the title suggests, this is a retrospection and therefore I cannot create this if I have made this earlier. Please say yes you believe me before I fill in the gap #semibegging. Continue reading
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